About Kevin and his Work

As a child I could see auras and energy around people.

Later in life I began meditating and discovered that I could help people intuitively.  I have been meditating and providing intuitive help and healing since the mid 70′s.  In my early 20′s I took classes in Esp, Far Memory, Mediumship and Healing Circles for 8 years. After this time of study I became certified through the Cottrill Institute of Alternative Communication.

I am a Reiki Master and Energy worker. I have done intuitive and healing work around the world helping people clear blocks and become self empowered to connect to themselves and make positive changes in their lives and to progress in their life.

Then how to have a good experience: Have an open mind and an open heart. Trust and open communication is important. This is about love, light, and the highest good for all.